AUGUST 17 & 18, 2024​​​​​​​
with Sonia Goydenko
Saturday & Sunday 
August 17 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
August 18 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM   
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY United States
Prerequisite: Participants should bring their own camera (digital or film) and flash (optional). Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen is recommended, as the workshop will involve extensive walking outdoors in the hot summer sun. 
Tuition: $399 with a max of 10 Students. Minimum 50% enrollment is required to conduct the class. Class and schedule are subject to change.
Thank you! You will receive an email with payment details to finalize your registration!
Join renowned street photographer, Sonia Goydenko, for a full two day, immersive weekend workshop photographing the incredible vibrancy of Coney Island - the street photographer's paradise. 
Throughout this weekend we will explore a range of photo techniques such as how to approach people in the street, shooting in color vs black and white, photographing shadows during golden hour, and most importantly: learning to express your own unique vision in photography.
Places we will shoot: Beach, Boardwalk, Lunar Park, Fisherman's Pier, Brighton Beach, and more! ​​​​​​​
We will spend the morning & early afternoon hours exploring Coney Island beach and boardwalk. As always, there will be various events going on - people dancing, partying, swimming, fishing, etc. Coney Island in the summer is a lively place, full of people enjoying life in all kinds of ways. We will walk up and down the boardwalk, popping into Luna Park and the Fisherman's Pier, and eventually making our way down to Brighton Beach. There we will break for a quick bite and chat about our experiences. To end the day, we will make our way back to Coney Island, where we will photograph golden hour. 
Golden hour is particularly gorgeous on the boardwalk, with many long shadows and delicate light. We will creatively experiment with shadows on the boardwalk and how to make best use of the early evening light. To wrap up, for those who have brought their flash and want to use it in the evening, we will spend some time learning how to use flash in low-light situations.

Following the 2 days of shooting, participants will reconvene for a 2-hour online meet-up. This session is an invaluable opportunity to share your best photos from the day, receive constructive critique, and discuss your experiences and learnings with the group. This interactive follow-up is a crucial part of the learning experience, allowing you to reflect on your work and gain insights from your peers and instructor.

For a taste of the Coney Island workshop, click here to view a short film from a previous Coney Island Street Photography Class with Sonia Goydenko & Jorge Garcia
Coney Island Beach - Polar Bear Club
Coney Island Beach - Polar Bear Club
Class Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy
Dates and times subject to change. Sonia Goydenko reserves the right to cancel or postpone classes. Students will receive a refund or credit towards future class.
Class Rescheduling: In the event of a necessary rescheduling, participants will be notified promptly, and information about the new dates will be provided. Participants will have the option to attend the rescheduled class or receive a refund or credit towards a future class.
Participant Withdrawal: If a participant needs to withdraw from the workshop for personal reasons, the following refund policy applies:
More than 25 days before the workshop begins: 100% refund.
Between 24 and 6 days before the workshop begins: 50% refund.
Within 5 days of the workshop: NO refund.
Sonia Goydenko has been a Photography Educator since 2018. She has taught both in-person as well as online workshops. Her main focus is helping budding photographers find their voice and put work together for competitions, books, and photography shows. She currently teaches private classes & workshops through NYC-SPC, a non-profit dedicated to sharing the art of street photography with the underserved NYC population and to foster a community and gallery space for those interested in street photography where they can share work, teach, learn, and inspire others.

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